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16 Aug 2022

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16 Aug 2022


Certification for a degree course

Hi there, Please I enrolled for the "Introduction to Data and Data Science" course and am done with the course and necessary exams and yet still can't access or view my certificate, please i don't know the reason this is happening and i hope to get a response soon.

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Posted on:

16 Aug 2022


Hello Fred,

Thanks for reaching out!

We have investigated the problem and the reason why you can't view your course certificate is because you haven't taken your course exam yet!

After you have completed your Practice Exams, feel free to access your Course Exam from "Courses", Navigate to "Course Exams", "Introduction to Data and Data Science" and click on "Start Exam".

After you have passed your exam successfully, you should be able to view your Certificate in the "Certificates" Menu!

Happy Learning!

The 365 Team

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