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13 Jan 2024

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13 Apr 2023


Difference betwenn Data science course on udemy and here

Is there any difference between between the same course on Udemy and what you teach here? If yes. then what are they?

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18 Apr 2023


Hi alok kumar,

Thanks for reaching out!

We’re glad that you are interested in our courses!

To answer your question, the course on Udemy and the courses on the website are different. To be more specific, the courses on Udemy cover the subject matter in less detail.

The track on the website, on the other hand, contains all our data science courses that we have ever created and will continue to create. The Udemy Data Science course is about 30 hours long, while The 365 Data Science Program - 217+ hours.

That said, the Data Science Program (on the website) is a subscription-based model.

What this means is that students get access to all the courses in the training as well as all updates and new courses as they become available.

The program also includes Premium support and direct and almost immediate access to the instructors.

The Data Science Program on the website is intended as a comprehensive program where all courses work together.

It contains all the essential tools for becoming a data scientist.

Particular differences with the Udemy course are parts dedicated to Excel, R, SQL, SQL + Tableau, SQL + Tableau + Python, as well as our specialized courses - Time Series Analysis, Credit Risk Modeling, Customer Analytics, and Web Scraping.

Moreover, we are committed to continuously extending it, so it is a product in constant development. Each month we launch at least one new course to our library!

Regarding certification, on Udemy you've got the Udemy certification, while on the website - a 365 Data Science branded one. They differ in what is written on them (e.g. on our website we include the specific names of the topics included in the program), while the Udemy certificate contains the name of the Udemy course you have completed.

Hope this information is useful!

Best wishes,
The 365 Team

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13 Jan 2024


Totally! Your questions are excellent and demonstrate a genuine desire to learn. It's inspiring to see someone actively seeking information and engaging in lively discussion. It is a great opportunity to showcase your passion and knowledge. Asking questions can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life. Curiosity will be a valuable *et on your journey. Use your curiosity and never stop exploring. You can learn so much by asking questions.

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