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09 Nov 2022

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05 Nov 2022


check the error it cant help out me

18:59:01 create table  sales ( purchase_number int auto_increment, date_of_purchase date, customer_id int, item_code varchar(10), primary key(purchase_number), foreign key(customer_id) references customers(customer_id) on delete cascade ) Error Code: 1824. Failed to open the referenced table 'customers' 0.016 sec

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Posted on:

09 Nov 2022


Hi Sidra!
Thanks for reaching out.

Perhaps the two tables (i.e. sales and customers) have different engines.

Please check if they have identical engines. To do that, please click on the tiny icon depicting the i letter on the right of the table name in the Schemas section.
Then, check the name of the Engine specified in the Info tab.

Hope this helps.

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