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01 Jan 2024

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17 Apr 2023


Chi Squared Graph Skewness is shown as Right skew in the video

At 5:54. The video says the curve of the chi-squared graph is usually skewed to the left. But, the video presentation at the same time shows a Right skewed graph. Please clarify. On Google search, multiple sources say that the Chi-squared graph is Right skewed as also shown in the video. 

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Posted on:

18 Apr 2023


Hey Bhaskar,

Thank you for reaching out!

Yes, that is correct. The Chi-squared distribution shown in the video is indeed right-skewed.

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365 Hristina

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01 Jan 2024


I'm really disappointed that there continue to be errors in lectures, quizzes, etc, and 365 just leaves these errors in without updating the materials. It's up to students to either point these errors out or look in the Q&A for clarification. What a horrible way to learn. It can't possibly be SO difficult to fix these errors and update the materials that 365 "can't" do it. 

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