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08 Nov 2022

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05 Nov 2022


At 1:44 video shows interceptions and audio says the same, But it should be intersection.

website should have text box below video, just like youtube description, so that any such typo/errata or any further explanation can be pointed out to learners. As with time and increase in number of courses, the errata cannot be eliminated at each point and question related to same errata would come again and again in questions. Hence, implementing any text box below would significantly reduce such questions and would also help to post any additional information related to particular video.

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Posted on:

08 Nov 2022


Hey Bhaskar,

Thank you for reaching out and pointing this out!

We will correct the typo in the video during our next planned update of the course videos. In the meantime, we will add captions as soon as possible.

Best wishes and happy learning,
The 365 Team

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