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05 May 2024

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05 May 2024


Chromium download error - 5 May 2024

Hello! i tried the fix mentioned by the instructor ( and ran into the an error : "BadZipFile: File is not a zip file"

My guess is the zip file itself is missing from the directory that the patch is trying to download from:

So far i can't find any solutions online. My guess would be to find the updated url & repoint the patch to that url - but i have no idea how that can be done. Would the 365DS team or anyone know how this can be fixed? Thanks

Error log below: 

[WARNING] Start patched secure https Chromium download from URL:<br />Download may take a few minutes.
100%|██████████| 219/219 [00:00<?, ?it/s]
chromium download done.
[INFO] Beginning extraction

BadZipFile: File is not a zip file

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Posted on:

05 May 2024


Found their index here & latest url file path which has the zip file but have no idea how to use jupyter to install it. if anyone knows how could you let me know here? thanks 


Index -

Latest version (5 May 2024) -

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