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27 Apr 2022

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15 Jul 2021


Unexpected Error during using base currency parameter

Hi, 365DS team,
I just encountered an error message while following the videos.
I hope you can update the course accordingly due to the changes in the currency API.

{'error': {'code': 'base_currency_access_restricted',
  'message': 'An unexpected error ocurred. [Technical Support:]'}}
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Posted on:

20 Jul 2021



Yes, unfortunately the Exchange Rates API was updated and changed its format. We are aware of that.
Unfortunately, right now we don't have the time to update the course as we are working on new exciting features.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

365 Team

Posted on:

22 Nov 2021


param_url = base_url+ "& base = USD & symbols = GBP,JPY,EUR" 

use this

Posted on:

27 Apr 2022


Thank you @Md Nadeem, your code input worked for me. I was having issues with the original code.
Thanks again.

Great course, I am loving it.

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