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04 Oct 2021

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04 Oct 2021


Resolved: Clarification between self-service and curated data

If the speaker says too much data should not be given to senior executives for the hope of them finding insights themselves and too much irrelevant data should not be jam-packed in the dashboard for a curated data. Then, my question is how should data accurately operate in these two cases of self-service and curated data?

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04 Oct 2021



Good to hear from you!
The idea is the following:
In a dashboard, you want to present few indicators, but all of them should be relevant and should help management understand how the firm/business unit is performing.
The idea of self-service data exploration is to enable anyone who has the necessary time to dig into the data as deep as they can provided that they feel they need to do that. In this case, the user decides how much time to invest in data exploration.
Hope this makes sense!

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