Data Strategy

Giving you the knowledge to leverage the value of data to position any business for success. Complete with a myriad of real-life scenarios and case studies.

with Bernard Marr

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Course Overview

The Data Strategy Course is a truly comprehensive course designed for business owners, business executives, and aspiring or current data practitioners who want to be able to leverage the value of business data. Packed with real-world scenarios, this course will provide context to help you understand why data is one of the most important assets for any business and give you the tools to turn data into insights.

81 High Quality Lessons
3 Practical Tasks
5 Hours of Video
Certificate of Achievement

Skills you will gain

business analyticsdata analysistheory

What You'll Learn

The Data Strategy course is the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to build a successful business career. The course will help you understand why data is one of the most essential assets for any business organization.

How to improve business processes and gain new revenue streams 
Distinguish between strategic data needs
Improve your decision-making strategy 
Understand customers and markets 
Use data to provide intelligent services and products 
Data quality, ethics, privacy, ownership, access and security 


“In this course, I will provide you with a must-have guide to creating a robust data strategy. Explaining how to identify your strategic data needs, what methods to use to collect the data and, most importantly, how to translate your data into organizational insights for improved business.”

Bernard Marr
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Data Strategy

with Bernard Marr

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