Data Strategy

Giving you the knowledge to leverage the value of data to position any business for success. Complete with a myriad of real-life scenarios and case studies.








Course description

The Data Strategy Course is a truly comprehensive course designed for business owners, business executives, and aspiring or current data practitioners who want to be able to leverage the value of business data. Packed with real-world scenarios, this course will provide context to help you understand why data is one of the most important assets for any business and give you the tools to turn data into insights.

Introduction to Data Strategy

This section provides an overview of the importance of data strategy as a tool that enables any organization to make better-informed decisions, improve business processes and gain new revenue streams.


Deciding Your Strategic Data Needs

Here, we delineate a framework of 5 strategic use case areas that use data to make fact-based decisions, gain customer and market insight, and offer better services and products.


Using Data to Understand Your Customers and Markets

In this part of the course, we talk about the ways companies use data to gain a better understanding of their customers, pick up shifting consumer trends in the market, and predict customer behavior.


Using Data to Provide More Intelligent Services

In this section, you will learn more about the 3 ways businesses deliver a better service through data and AI: customization, providing customers with more value, and predicting customer needs.


Using Data to Make More Intelligent Products

As the customer demand for smart and AI-loaded products is reaching a new high, it is only logical to consider data as a means to improve a product. This section lifts the veil on the 4 huge benefits of smart products when it comes to adding value to a product-based business.


Using Data to Improve Your Business Processes

Data and AI-driven automation help companies make their business more efficient and more streamlined. Here, we illustrate the 7 ways data is transforming everyday business processes.


Monetising Your Data

In this part, we discuss the 2 main approaches to data monetization – creating value for your organization from data; and selling data to your customers or to other interested third parties. To illustrate, we’ve included the intriguing ShotSpotter case study.


Defining Your Data Use Cases

In this part, we will show you how to turn the key business use cases for data into a manageable data strategy, by walking you through the fundamental steps of the process.


Data Governance

Learn about data quality, ethics, privacy, ownership, access and security. These are bound to be cross-cutting data governance issues that are the same across your different use cases. 


Building the Data Competencies in Your Organization

This chapter focuses on building and acquiring the necessary data competencies in your organization, as well as on overcoming the leadership challenges brought about by the intelligence revolution.


Executing and Revisiting Your Strategy

This is where we discuss how to put your data strategy into action, as well as the reasons why data strategies fail. We also talk about the ways to create a data culture and the importance of periodically revisiting your strategy and adapting it to a changing environment.


Looking Ahead

The ability to use data gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges in a way that wasn't possible before. In this final section, we’ll take a look at the best examples of how data can be the force for good.