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12 Dec 2023

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30 Sept 2022


Code correction


In this lecture, while testing te insertion_sort function, the bubble_sort function was actually used. I'm not saying the code does not work, but it would be good to correct that part.

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Posted on:

12 Dec 2023

def insertion_sort(my_list):
    n = len(my_list)
    for i in range(1,n):
        value = my_list[i]
        j = i
        while j > 0 and my_list[j-1] > value:
            my_list[j] = my_list[j-1]
            j -= 1
        my_list[j] = value
    return my_list

test_2 = [70,24,87,45,6,3,2,8,5]

It works, anyway: a correction would be fine.

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