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12 Jul 2023

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11 Jul 2023


Code Interpretaion

Ihave two questions:

1.What is SET sql_mode = '';  for?

2.Why we didnt select Max(p2.purchase_date) as Current_purchase_date

thanks in advanced.

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Posted on:

12 Jul 2023


Hi Sahar, 

thanks for reaching out! To your questions:

1. This is in order to ensure that we do not use the full group by function which is set as default in some of Workbenches versions. You won't usually need to use this command, however, if you receive the error that the query doesn't execute due to a full group by error, you can add this line of code to resolve it.

2. That's a great point, I believe you can create a similar query where you get the maximum purchase date, as the current purchase. 

Let me know if you have any further questions. 


365 Eli

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