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16 Feb 2022

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15 Feb 2022


control variables and multicollinearity in regression

Dear Team,

reading through the link you added at the section ( and doing some further reading, i understand that deciding whether a variable is a control variable or not can be sometimes pretty subjective.
like in the given practice data 'Registration' could be a control or a main variable.

but there is a different rule when you decide that the given feature is a control variable as you can neglect multicollinearity (if it was not binary).

as i understand for the algorithm it doesnt really matter, the math is the same and it is mostly a theoretical distinction.

am i right in that simplified view point and/or  what is the fine line between being control or not.


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16 Feb 2022


Hey Peter,

Thank you for this follow-up question!

Allow me to redirect you to this thread where a similar question regarding control variables has been answered in great detail.

Kind regard,
365 Hristina

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