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10 May 2024

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06 May 2024


countif function for the secound question

i have an issue with the second question 
every time i was trying to use count if function to determine which criteria has the most frequency, i got a zero.
=countif(E6:E174,j5) which j5= 1534-2034
so what is the wrong i was doing ?

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Posted on:

10 May 2024



I'm not sure if Excel is able to find the content of J5 in the range E6:E174. To check if that's true please create a formula that goes like this =J5=

and then point to a cell in the range E6:E174 selecting it. 

If the output is FALSE, then this means that J5 is different than the cells equal to it in the range E6:E174. Could be formatting or some other reason.

Hope this helps!



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