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25 Mar 2021

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02 Feb 2021


Data file Location.csv and Region.csv

I cannot find Region.csv in the zip file for this lesson. Please check.

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04 Feb 2021


I have this problem either.

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25 Mar 2021



As of now (late March, 2021) the issue with files Location.csv and Region.csv has been, mostly, overcome. Here is a note on how to obtain both
the Location.csv and Region.csv files.
First, you need to watch the sort_index() lecture video, it being the last in Section 3. Afterwards, click on 'Practice' and navigate your way to
3. pandas Series. You should be able to see that the task (Assignment: sort_index()) has been activated. Click on it and you will see a
page with a button - Download all resources. Do not download all resources at once! Rather, scroll down and to the left you will find
4 separate entities - download them instead.
Explanation: It appears the merged zip (Download all) contains the same file Location.csv both in and
in For that reason you need to locate the Resources section below and separately download the two files (named
Location.csv and Region.csv). Although the names of the two zips coincide after downloading, each zip now holds the correct file. In this
way you get both files.
That has indeed been a bit confusing. I hope this workaround helps!
A. The 365 Team

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