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16 Mar 2022

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01 Mar 2022


Need help to export a data set from Python to Tableau

I am new to Python, and I just got my data cleaned, and pre-processing steps are done. I just wondering, is there any way to combine my new series that doesn't have the same size as the data frame together so that I could export to a CSV file and do visualizations on the Tableau? I also don't know the effective ways to present my analysis professionally.

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Posted on:

16 Mar 2022


Hi Sang!

Thanks for reaching out.

What you are referring to, we do later in the course. In a nutshell, you can create a new DataFrame column and assign to it the Series data, provided that the length of both objects coincides (i.e. that, for instance, both the given DataFrame and Series objects contain 100 rows). The syntax to abide by is the following:

DataFrame_name['new_column_name'] = Series_name

Hope this helps.

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