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04 Nov 2022

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04 Nov 2022


Resolved: Different approach for making dummy variables


I have followed a different approach for dealing with dummy variables, which is using incrementing values when the number of unique value are more than 2. For instance, for the brand feature, I increment starting from 0 to 6 to create a key-value pairs like below example:
    Audi : 0,
    Mercedes: 1,
    Toyota : 2
Then I just map the above dict with my dataframe and finally use the resulting  one column  as a dummy feature in my model. I have gotten a pretty good results with this (R-square = 0.83 and the mean residual of y_test - y_hat is around 0.017).

What do you think of my approach?


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04 Nov 2022


Hey Mohamed,

Thank you for reaching out!

The approach you've followed is indeed completely valid. In fact, there is a transformer in sklearn called OrdinalEncoder which does exactly that :)

Kind regards,
365 Hristina

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