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13 May 2024

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10 May 2024


Resolved: different task by SQL


I am learning chapter 14 by SQL but at the same time, I would like to review this course from the 1st chapter and doing the excercises.

Is it able to  operate different tasks, cases by SQL, like you can open several files in word, excel at the same time? I wonder how can I manage the database , too.

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Posted on:

13 May 2024


Hi Osamu!
Thanks for reaching out.

Yes, you can work on multiple tasks or cases in SQL simultaneously, just like you can open several files in word processing or spreadsheet software. Most SQL database management systems (DBMS) provide features that allow you to manage multiple databases or connections within the same environment.

For example, in MySQL Workbench - the GUI used in these courses, you can open multiple SQL tabs or windows within the same instance of Workbench. Each tab can have its own SQL queries or tasks, allowing you to work on different chapters or exercises simultaneously. Additionally, you can also connect to multiple databases or database servers from within Workbench, enabling you to switch between different databases or environments as needed.

So, you can review and practice exercises from the 1st chapter while simultaneously learning and working on tasks from chapter 14, all within the same SQL environment. Just make sure to save your work in the Workbench.

Hope this helps.

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