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07 Nov 2022

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28 May 2022


Discrepancy in minimum sample size formula and what's being used in the worked out example at 08:22

at 08:22 (time in video)
in example of calculation of minimum sample size;

p = Pooled proportion = (µ1 - µ2)/2

but, actual calculation is (0.33 + 0.33 + 0.02)/2


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31 May 2022


can anyone plz clarify this?

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13 Jun 2022


I am jumping on to this one, too. The code is not compatible with the equation in the video.

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26 Jun 2022


See 7:37.
"µ2 is the desired proportion of the test group because we don't have it yet"
We want to see a change that is greater than the MDE (previously worked out at 0.02), so the mean desired proportion of the test group would be the mean dp of the control group + the mde.

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07 Nov 2022


Perhaps, confusion is due to round-off value, 1.73% = 0.02 ?
and the formula for pooled proportion is (mu1+mu2)/2 ?

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