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22 Oct 2021

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18 Oct 2021


Double Delight meal example drinks

Why did we go with variations without repetition While choosing the drinks in the double delight meal.
Thanks in advance.

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22 Oct 2021


Hey Yazan,

Thank you for your question!

As stated earlier in the video, Domino's offers 4 types of drinks of 2 different sizes. Since the couple goes for the Family Deal, where the sizes of the drinks are different, they need to choose which drink goes into which cup, thereby justifying the choice of variations, compared to combinations. Moreover, the same type of drink can be used for both the small and the large cup. This we deduce from the sentence

'Once again, you decided to get different pizzas to get the most out of your deal. Since the drinks vary in size and desserts are small, you decide to make no such commitments about the other two ingredients.'

Therefore repetition of the drinks is allowed.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,
365 Hristina

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