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12 Dec 2022

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09 Dec 2022


Error in Assignment

Hi kindly advise when I am doing the assignment and deleting the departments_dup Error Code: 1175. You are using safe update mode and you tried to update a table without a WHERE that uses a KEY column.  To disable safe mode, toggle the option in Preferences -> SQL Editor and reconnect.

I am also unable to get that option when I go in the desired path as well

Kindly advise what needs to be done

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Posted on:

12 Dec 2022


Hi Gaurav!
Thanks for reaching out.

Follow these steps before executing these commands. In MySQL Workbench:

  1. Go to Edit --> Preferences
  2. Click "SQL Editor" tab and uncheck"Safe Updates"checkbox
  3. Query --> Reconnect to Server // logout and then login
  4. Now execute your SQL query

Hope this helps.

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