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09 Oct 2023

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05 Oct 2023


Error with Rename

Iam changing table name pract to newpract.theres an error

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Posted on:

09 Oct 2023


Hi Vasanth!
Thanks for reaching out.

The error message: near "rename" syntax error suggests that SQLite is having trouble understanding the `RENAME` keyword. This is usually an indication of an older version of SQLite that does not support the `RENAME TABLE` statement.

The `RENAME TABLE` command was introduced in SQLite version 3.25.0. If you're using an older version, that command won't be recognized, leading to the error you're seeing.

To verify this, you can check the version of SQLite you're using with the following SQL command:

SELECT sqlite_version();

If you find that you're using a version earlier than 3.25.0, you'll either need to upgrade SQLite to a newer version or use a different method to rename your table (like creating a new table, copying data over, and then dropping the old table).

Hope this helps.

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