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17 Feb 2023

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05 Nov 2022


Resolved: Exam Question. Question No: 24. Not totally correct option and explanation.

Question No 24:
Option: Josh cannot put different types of variables in the same expression — 'age' is an integer and 'Josh is' is a string

But that is not the case, Josh can put different types of variables in the same expression. It's just that the '+' operator has no defined operation when being operated on str and int. But, '*' has. Hence, if the code of Josh had been

print ( 'Josh is ' * age)

then it wouldn't have been issue, as the '*' operator is supported for expression with str and int data type.

I will delete this comment after get answer that am i right or wrong. As this is a question of final exam.

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11 Nov 2022


Hi Bhaskar!

Thanks for reaching out and for the understanding that you are commenting a final exam!

Your observation is absolutely correct. However, in the context of the question, we are thinking of the + operator only. Hence the answer we've provided.

Hope this helps.
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17 Feb 2023


1. raw data ia s original source of data

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