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26 Feb 2024

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15 Feb 2024


Excersise of this lesson

I struggled to create the histogram of the excersise, as I built the frequency distribution table, and thought that I need it to create a histogram. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what's the problem until I came a through a comment down of the author telling how, and it was too simple. My question is : Do I actually need a frequency distribution table to create a histogram ? because in this case I didn't use it, or is it just for practice creating one? 
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26 Feb 2024


Hi Aya, 

thanks for reaching out! You're absolutely right, you don't need to actually create the frequency distribution table to create a histogram, you can simply use your original data and use the Excel histogram chart visual. The frequency distribution table is useful to get a sense of what a histogram actually represents, but for your chart you can simply look at the bins and their size and gauge the distribution frequency of each interval. 

Let me know if you ahve any further questions. 


365 Eli

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