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05 Dec 2022

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03 Dec 2022


Resolved: Facing some weird issue while creating Procedures

Question is previously when we use two prameters then only IN parameters where shown but in this 3 parameters where shown including OUT ONE
Fig 1 Table created same as done in assignment (basically code part)
Fig 2 expecting 2 Input box instead of three (although it works fine even when I add data to two only but why 3)

(checked multiple times the code still can't figure out what's wrong why three input needed
even mentioned clearly on input page Two are IN type and One is OUT type )

(Query didn't run when I run
"set @v_emp_no = 0 ;
call emp_info("Aruna","Journel");
select @v_emp_no;


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Posted on:

05 Dec 2022


Hi Mayank!
Thanks for reaching out.

If you run the procedure from the lightning bolt from the Schemas and you have three parameters to input, this is because they are written with capital letters - IN and OUT. If you type them with small letters, the output parameter will not be shown. This is a well-known bug in the Workbench.

If you run it with a query you need the following code:
set @p_emp_no = 0;
call emp_info('Aruna', 'Journel', @p_emp_no);
select @p_emp_no;

Hope this helps.

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