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29 Aug 2023

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14 Feb 2023


Delimiter Issue

I cannot execute DELIMITER $$ or DELIMITER ;. It is showing up in black font and isn't running. Can you assist please?

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Posted on:

15 Feb 2023


Hi Cyd-Marie!
Thanks for reaching out!

Could you please support your question with a screenshot of your Workbench? This can help us assist you better. Thank you.

Looking forward to your answer.

Posted on:

02 Mar 2023


Hi Tsvetelin Tsonkov,

I have the same issue, the DELIMITER is displayed in black and isn't work.

Please see the image attached:

Many thanks,



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Posted on:

29 Aug 2023


For me the "DELIMITER $$" shows up as black as well and it works. I think it depends on SQL workbench version and settings as to what is the colour of the keyword. So, if there is no error message when you run the statement, i wont worry about it. :)

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