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26 Apr 2023

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31 Jan 2023


General Question related to SQL an issue i faced.

A few days back I did cross-join and forgot to apply any filter to it which multiply lakhs of records with a couple of hundred records.
Everyone knew what will be the result system crash but that's not point
Issue is whatever database in MySql console everything lost (all Table data of each database on which I'm working)
I tried to rollback even that doesn't work(autocommit off then too). Obviously all data are just for practice so doesn't matter me a lot I added them back from raw Db file but whatever changes or tables I worked upon lost

could you pls tell me how to stop this or recover from this kind of mishap(only if it doesn't include high level software) any YT video or any other link not an issue just need a mindset how to overcome from condition like this
Thanx for understanding all this

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Posted on:

26 Apr 2023


Hi Mayank!
Thanks for reaching out.

It seems that this is an issue with the Workbench. You can install an older version. Usually, this resolves similar issues.

Hope this helps.

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