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14 Oct 2022

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13 Oct 2022


Homework Problem 6

why are there 20 ways to do leg exercises?
there shouldn't be a distinction between doing squats then lunges and doing lunges then squats
the same applies to the ab exercises.

your solution implies that, doing squats, lunges, chest press, and burpees is different from doing burpees, chest press, lunges and squats.

treating them as individual variations, implies they are a recipe or password. which is not valid in the context of exercising. however treating them as individual combinations is a more accurate interpretation of different workout options(according to my limited knowledge).

so according to this logic it'll be 46080 days before we run out of workout options. what do you think?

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14 Oct 2022


Hey Chinwutem,

Thank you for reaching out!

In the context of the exercise, squats followed by lunges, and lunges followed by squats are two different options. One could, of course, argue whether these are, in fact, different training sessions. You approach is, therefore, not incorrect, so long as you defend it. Nevertheless, the idea of the exercise is to use variations rather than combinations.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,
365 Hristina

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