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29 Mar 2022

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01 Feb 2022


How do I get past Error Code: 1046?

I am just getting started. I tried to run this code at 1:16 in the video: select * from employees;
Unlike the video, it did not work. I got an Error Code 1046 that says "no database selected. Select the default DB to be used by double-clicking its name in the SCHEMAS list in the sidebar."

I went to the SCHEMAS part of the side bar, and there is no list referencing "employees" and I am not sure what else would be relevant. It only has the "sys" subsection. Please advise.

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Posted on:

29 Mar 2022


I eventually uninstalled and reinstalled MySQL a couple of times, and did some stuff I did not understand with the GitHub files associated with employees. I dunno.
It partly worked.
Employees is there now, but empty.

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