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How to download and run .ipynb files

How to download and run .ipynb files



I sent a query regarding an issue I am having downloading .ipynb files a couple of weeks ago. I had a reply from Martin but after providing some answers I haven’t heard anything back in 10 days, even after chasing twice in that time.

I can provide the information again if needed but as it stands I have been unable to proceed with the course.

“Hi Gaz!
Thanks for replying to this message.
I am really sorry for any inconvenience this problem is causing.

  1. Which course in particular are the notebooks referring to, please?
  2. Please try downloading the files from another browser.
  3. Can you please support your question with screenshots? How exactly are you downloading the files, where from?

Looking forward to your answers.
“Hi Martin,
1. I am working through the course from Udemy – ‘The Data Science Course 2020 – Complete Data Science Bootcamp’. It is practically everything from Module 4 onwards that is in this format.
2. I have tried downloading the files and running them in Jupyter on Opera, Chrome and FireFox with no luck
3. I have attached some screen capture videos for my attempts in Chrome and FireFox. These show the available file formats for each browser (only .html for Chrome [and Opera], and only .ipynb for FireFox – seemingly the correct extension but still no luck). The other videos show my attempts at uploading the files onto Jupyter. I get the screen showing only a Dropbox logo for the .html file and an error message for the .ipynb file.
Hopefully I am overlooking something simple. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,
I am happy to provide the screen capture videos on here as well if needed.

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Gaz!
Please excuse us for the delayed answer. For some reason, we don’t seem to have received a reply regarding the thread you are referring to, nor have I received an email at martin@365datascience.com, as requested. That’s why we thought you had managed to solve the problem already. Please excuse us for any inconvenience! 
I am really sorry to hear the issue persists. Can you please provide an email address or send an email to martin@365datascience.com, so that we can reply by sending you the files in an alternative way. Thank you.
Looking forward to your answer.