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08 Jun 2021

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23 May 2021


How to get started with Marketing Analyst

I see on youtube different videos of Marketing Analyst, Business Analyst, and Research Analyst; However, it looks like the three of them are linked to the 365 DataScience course. How do I get started on the Marketing Analyst course? Do I have to enroll in the 365 DataScience training?

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30 May 2021


Yes, don't worry, the fundamentals of being an analyst are essentially the same till you reach advanced levels at which point you can specialize in being an analyst for marketing! :)

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08 Jun 2021


Hi both,
Thanks so much for reaching out!
I can agree with Sadath, that there are fundamental steps in becoming a data analyst, which aren't industry bound. These include being able to work with Excel, SQL, possibly a visualization software such as Tableau and Power BI. Our program offers training in all four software, and we start from the very beginning - no prior knowledge is required.
We do also have a course on Business Analytics, as well as Fashion Analytics (where we include a practical example with Tableau).
Mario, we don't currently have a course, dedicated solely to marketing analytics, but I can share that we are currently working on an marketing course, which will be released in the upcoming months. I personally feel, that this is an exiting career field, which is growing and will continue do develop in the upcoming years and we're committed to reflecting that in our program. In the meantime feel free to check out our other available courses (all include a free preview section and you can get a sense of whether the course is up your streak):
Introduction to Microsoft Excel Course | 365 DataScience

Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables Course | 365 DataScience
SQL Course and Certification | 365 DataScience
Tableau Training Course and Certification | 365 DataScience
Power BI Training Course | 365 DataScience
Introduction to Business Analytics Course | 365 DataScience
Fashion Analytics with Tableau Course | 365 DataScience

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