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01 Sept 2021

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01 Sept 2021


I am a bit confuesed here

So we best use indirect with named lists? this dynamic table would not work without either indirect function or naming the two tables above?

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01 Sept 2021


Hi Abdulmalik!

Thanks for reaching out.

Sometimes, there are several ways to obtain particular output in Excel. Nevertheless, in this lesson, we focus on using INDIRECT().

Otherwise, INDIRECT() can be used with a cell reference (e.g. B4), cell range (e.g. B4:B10), a named range (e.g. Name-of-range), table name (e.g. Name-of-table). Therefore, depending on the way in which we've organised the data in our dataset, INDIRECT(), the table might work by using other tools as well. However, that's not the focus of this lecture.

Hope this helps.

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