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07 Nov 2022

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06 Nov 2022


Initializing conditions variable

When adding the conditions variable, why wasn't it added to the def _init_(self, name, age) query? Is it not necessary to add all variables in the arguments of the initialization?

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07 Nov 2022


Hey Sara,

Thank you for reaching out!

It is not necessary to add as arguments all variables defined in the __init__ method. Inside this method, you are defining the variables intrinsic to each instance of the class.

Upon creating an instance of the Patient() class and upon providing the name and the age of the patient as arguments, the __init__ method will do the following:
1. create a variable storing the name of the patient;
2. creates a variable self.age storing the age of the patient;
3. prepare an empty list self.conditions which can be populated through the add_info() method.

Hope this helps!

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365 Hristina

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