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21 Nov 2022

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15 Nov 2022


Issues in creating a new user

Hi when I am creating a new user it says mysql is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Please guide why is it giving me this issue.image

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Posted on:

16 Nov 2022


Hi Gaurav,

Review the video from the 3:00 minute mark and take note of the file path selected from Windows Explorer, as it is different than what is showing in your screen shot.
I have included screen shot from the video to give you a comparison.
Hopefully this puts on back on track.


Kev T.

Posted on:

21 Nov 2022


Hi Gaurav and Kev!
Thanks for reaching out.

@: Kev
Thanks for sharing this piece of information with the Community!

@: Gaurav
As Kev said you have to use the full path to the MySQL directory.

Hope this helps.

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