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12 Jan 2024

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03 Nov 2021


Kind Suggestion - forward to Excel course beforehand and upload Tesla file

I'd suggest that you explain how to filter by Columns/Rows before dragging all the data and setting random values. People who are not familiar with Pivoting and/or Excel rules in general might get easily confused even if the logic of it is quite intuitive, it may not come as a given for everyone.

Or you can make a suggestion (light bulb) at the beginning of this course that some basic excel lessons (you can forward to your own course of course) are taken beforehand, so that people can follow Tableau more easily. This way you bypass the need to create a new video altogether and simply insert a guideline.

Additionally the "Tesla" file was in Introduction (?) instead of this lesson which can be again confusing, maybe you can upload it here so its more user friendly. Otherwise the flow of the course is a bit ruined, since they have to stop the video go to the Q&A to look for an answer; and/or browse through previous clips and then play it again from the top.


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Posted on:

12 Jan 2024


Hey Beloslava,

Thanks so much for your thorough feedback. I really appreciate it. We'll try to update this course in 2024 and these are some great suggestions!



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