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29 Jun 2023

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26 Jun 2023


Meaning of col of "state"

Hi everyone,
There's only one record differences in the output(433 +- 1), by adding the condition (s1.state = 3) in the where clause or not.
I would like to know why is that? anything to do with the "gap" in subscription?
Thank you!

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Posted on:

29 Jun 2023


Hi Chun, 

thanks for reaching out and your guess is correct - the state 3 means a deactivated account. There are a couple things to note here - since this is real data, there are sometimes messy or inconsistent records. So the state 3 means deactivated, however, it can be used in some cases for test accounts for example, and I suspect that the record you have found may have been one of those. To sum up, you aren't missing anything and have understood the data very well, however, you should always keep in mind that when working with real data you might find such odd records from time to time.


365 Eli

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