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15 Dec 2021

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31 Oct 2021


My PC won't work perfectly

My mysql has been working very well until I loaded the 'employees database' I can't run a code perfectly. Mysql is mostly not responding after every code, so annoying. My PC is 8gb Ram and 500gb rom, could it be my laptop or is there a way I can optimize mysql settings?
 Secondly, I try to be creative by using this code to filter some data from the employees databases
Select * from employers.last_name = 'Lores';
I was sure it will work, but I get syntax error. Thanks.

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Posted on:

15 Dec 2021


Hi Olawuni!
Thanks for reaching out.

It seems that the version of the Workbench you use has a bug. You can try with an older version. Could
you please share with us the number of the error you’ve obtained when executing the code? This can help us assist you better. Thank you!

Looking forward to your answer.

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