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17 Nov 2023

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24 Oct 2023


Not Working !!

even though i have executed the code as shown in video, I am facing problems ith 'ROLLBACK' not working.

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25 Oct 2023


Hi Raghav!
Thanks for reaching out.

There are very few reasons that could lead to this problem. We believe there is a setting that, for some reason, has been switched on or off, and that’s what causes the issue here.

In the SQL editor of MySQL Workbench, there is the possibility to toggle the autocommit mode by pressing a single button. This is the tenth icon below the query tabs. If you’ve pressed this button, it means that this mode will be turned on, and each statement will be committed immediately. Please check if it has been left intact.

Hope this helps.

Posted on:

17 Nov 2023


Raghav, I encountered the same thing you did. After I used the "SET autocommit = 0;" statement, it then worked for me. (This might correspond to what Tsvetelin described.)

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