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02 Dec 2021

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25 Nov 2021


Notes in PPT format vs. PDF

I've noticed some notes are in PPT and others in PDF. Is there any way to have all notes in PPT format? Or at least as an option? If one wanted to print, the PDF option would be an excessive amount of paper.

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02 Dec 2021


Hi Angelica,
thanks for reaching out and for being a part of the 365DataScience journey!
We prefer to upload the materials in PDF format, as it's a universally read format and also helps to some extent against plagiarism. I hope you can understand, the course creators work really hard to create the materials for the courses.
But I agree with you that the current version isn't especially printable. We're actually planning on reworking all course notes with a new template in the upcoming months, which will include more whitespace and will make them easier to print.
I hope this helps and don't hesitate to write in with any other questions or suggestions!

365 Eli

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