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07 Apr 2023

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06 Apr 2023


Resolved: p-value using excel

I already googled how to do it. But I'm a bit confused with results. Why the formula is T.DIST(t_score, deg, TRUE) for t-distribution and 1 - NORM.DIST(z_score, 0, 1, TRUE) for normal distribution? Where did this "1 - " come from?

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07 Apr 2023


The formula using T.DIST(t_score, deg, TRUE) is to find the p-value of a left-tailed hypothesis test; while 1-T.DIST(t_score, deg, TRUE) is for the right-tailed test.  Similar intrepretation for the NORM.DIST(z_score, 0, 1, TRUE) and 1-NORM.DIST(z_score, 0, 1, TRUE).

Hope this helps.

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