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10 Nov 2023

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16 Oct 2023


Practice exam question 2 and time limit

I showed this question one of our top sql analysts with some 10+ years of experience and he said there is no way he could solve his in 5 minutes. After he looked at the solution said that he would not accept it as correct and oversimplified since it completely ignores the time data provided. Based on the data model, an employee could work in different departments with different salaries in subsequent periods but the query would return the same average salary for each department. Did he get this wrong or missunderstood the question?


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Posted on:

10 Nov 2023


Hi Andreas!

Thanks for reaching out and reaching out to other experienced professionals for advice!

Your colleague is correct in their understanding, and, indeed, in the subsequent sections, and particularly in the SQL+Tableau and Advanced SQL courses we are dealing with time more. For simplicity, at times, we don't always ask for some additional constraints, since sometimes they turn out to be more confusing rather than helping, we've noticed. So, for the stage of a practice exam, we thought asking the question this way should work.

Nevertheless, thank you very much for your feedback, note has been taken and should the question turn out to be repeatedly confusing, we will add assumptions.

Regarding the time required for completing the exam, we do have a list of students who have managed to solve it correctly for the given time frame. We assume that you are well aware of the database we have been asked you to work with, as well as that you have the course SQL code at hand (as well as, if necessary, external resources!) in order to take the exam.

Hope this helps but, once again, thank you very much for your feedback - note taken!
Kind regards,


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