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31 May 2022

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28 May 2022


practicing my python knowledge

what extent of the python course do i have to cover before searching for practice problems on the internet and what type of python problems should i be looking for?

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31 May 2022



Thank you for your question and engagement with our course!

There are a lot of exercises out there testing various levels of Python knowledge. In our Python Programmer Bootcamp course, we have a great variety of exercises - you can find them under each lesson. We have made sure that the tasks following each lesson could be solved using the knowledge gained in the current and previous ones. We have also ensured that the level of difficulty of the exercises increases gradually, guiding you carefully through the process of learning and applying all new concepts.

But, to answer your question more precisely, you can see that sections 12 and onwards are marked as advanced. Therefore, covering the first 11 sections will give you a solid base to embark on a bigger and more ambitious project.

I hope you have great fun learning Python!

Kind regards,
365 Hristina

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