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31 Aug 2021

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21 Jul 2021


Resolved: Were any of the Python sections made recently, such as in 2020 or 2021?

Hello, The Introduction to Python appears to have been recorded in 2018, as the beginning of the video references a study that you did at the end of 2017. Was the Python Programmer Bootcamp also recorded in 2018? Were any sections recorded more recently, such as the Machine Learning or Time Series Analyses Python sections? Thank you.

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Posted on:

31 Aug 2021


Hi Marta,
thanks for reaching out!
Courses which we've created and released this year are dates and times in Python, SQL for Data Science interviews with Tina Huang, Data Strategy with Bernard Marr, Fashion Analytics, which you're welcome to check out.
In terms of our other courses, we try and update the courses every couple of years, when the content becomes outdated. So, if there's something you feel should be redone in terms of content, please let us know and we'll try and address the issue

365 Eli

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