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13 May 2024

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11 May 2024


Q1: if there were many countries that had a space in the middle.

if many countries had a space in the middle


the user inputs 'United State' a country name with spelling error states without 's'. The output given by Python is "You must input a string" instead of 'No data available'.

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Posted on:

13 May 2024


Hey Mayank,

Thank you for reaching out and highlighting these issues!

The solutions presented in the lessons are meant to be illustrative and are not fully bug-proof. They aim to convey a concept and represent just one of the many possible approaches to solving a problem. You are encouraged to explore these challenges independently and devise your own solutions.

Please consider addressing the issues you've mentioned, and I would be happy to review your code and provide feedback!

Kind regards,

365 Hristina

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