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01 Feb 2023

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16 Dec 2021


Resolved: Recommendations for Textbooks for R


Which textbooks would you recommend for R that are suitable for a beginner?

My ideal textbook/s that I am looking for should be rich with practice materials and focused on using R for Data Analytics/Science. Any thoughts?


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22 Dec 2021


Hi Mohamed,
thanks for reaching out!
If you're a beginner in R programming, the Introduction to R is really a great place to start, it starts from the basics and gradually builds up towards up statistical and data analysis, as well as prediction.
If you're interested in a guide for complete beginners in R programming, their official guide is really a great place to start:
R-intro.pdf (
If you're looking for R in Data Science, the Elements of Statistical Learning includes practice labs in the R language, however you are expected to be comfortable coding in R. Here's the link:
Elements of Statistical Learning: data mining, inference, and prediction. 2nd Edition. (
Hope this helps!

365 Eli

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01 Feb 2023


Hi Mohamed,

I'm looking at few books that you can get free online:
R For Data Science by Hadley Wickham and Garrett Grolemund
Hands-on Programming by Garrett Grolemund
Statistical Thinking for the 21st Century: An open source textbook for statistics, with companions for R and Python by Russell Poldrack

I've borrowed the following books from my library:
Discovering Statistics Using R by Andy Field(I think a new edition called Discovering Statistics Using R and RStudio is in the works).
A Beginner's Guide to R by Alain F Zuur, Elena N Leno, and Erik HWG Meesters
Introductory Statistics with R by Peter Dalgaard
Introduction to Probability with R by Kenneth Baclawski

Kind regards,

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