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11 Dec 2023

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06 Dec 2023

0,y) gave me different answer over google colab

i have used reg.get_params() as suggested in Simple linear regression lecture. But the output whichi got is different in google colab:

{'copy_X': True, 'fit_intercept': True, 'n_jobs': None, 'positive': False}

is something m I missing please suggest.

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11 Dec 2023


Hey Ashutosh,

Thank you for reaching out.

The version of sklearn used in the course is 0.19. In that version, the parameters of the LinearRegression class were:

- fit_intercept, defaulting to True,

- normalize, defaulting to False,

- copy_X, defaulting to True,

- and n_jobs, defaulting to 1.

These are the values that you see in the lesson.

In subsequent sklearn versions, however, the parameters changed to the following:

- fit_intercept, defaulting to True,

- copy_X, defaulting to True,

- n_jobs, defaulting to None,

- and positive, defaulting to False.

These are the values that you obtain. There is nothing to worry about and it's great that you are using a recent sklearn version.

Kind regards,

365 Hristina

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