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01 Jun 2023

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31 May 2023


Resolved: SQL Query question

Is there a standard way to extract data in sql, since I lack experience sometimes instead of using one long query I use multiple simple ones and compine the extracted data in other place, like excel for example or tableue itself. 

even though it's the same results but is it considered professional ?

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01 Jun 2023


Hi Doaa, 

thanks for reaching out and for the great question! In reality the most important thing is to retrieve the information you need quickly, accurately and then be able to work with said data easily. In that sense, if you're more comfortable performing short queries and then can analyze the data in a different software, that is a perfectly fine. 

However, as a data analyst, you should feel comfortable working with longer queries and combining multiple tables because sometimes the analysis itself requires it. I'd suggest you keep working with the short queries and don't stress too much about it, if it gets the job done, but I'd also recommend you take a look at our Advanced SQL course, where more complex queries are covered:
Let me know if you have any further questions!


365 Eli

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