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20 Jan 2023

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01 Dec 2021


Statsmodels gave me an interesting comment

Possibly complete quasi-separation: A fraction 0.27 of observations can be
perfectly predicted. This might indicate that there is complete
quasi-separation. In this case some parameters will not be identified.

Has this happened to someone before? It's kind of new thing that has happened to me

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02 Dec 2021


Hey Avtandil,

Thank you for your question!

Such a message occurs whenever the target is completely or partially determined by some feature in the dataset. You are welcome to research the various techniques to deal with the problem :)

Kind regards,
365 Hristina

Posted on:

20 Jan 2023


It is working without this fix now

#Apply a fix to the statsmodels library
from scipy import stats
stats.chisqprob = lambda chisq, df: stats.chi2.sf(chisq, df)

got the same comment when I gave


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