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Tensorflow version

Tensorflow version


I am not successful in running the examples of MNIST in Deep Learning with Tensorflow Course (Deeper Example Section). I have been looking for solutions and I noticed that the problem is Tensorflow version. The first error I get is:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'tensorflow.examples.tutorials'

I tried to change this line importing from keras, but others errors appears.

I have ubuntu 18.04. I changed to Anaconda2, but the version of tensorflow installed
is still 2.1.

Is there compatible examples with Tensorflow 2.1 version?

Thanks a lot.
Ligia Batista


1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Ligia,
First, please note that we’ve got two major versions of TensorFlow – TensorFlow 1 and TensorFlow 2. We’ve got courses on both of them.
One is ‘Deep Learning with TensorFlow’, which uses TF1. This is the course you are taking right now: . Note that all the code in that course is written in TensorFlow 1.
The other course is ‘Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2’, which logically uses TF2 (the one you have installed). You can find it here: Note that all the code in that course is written in TensorFlow 2 and is the one you should be following!

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