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16 Mar 2022

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15 Mar 2022


Thank you for this course on R programming

I completed the course and would like to express my gratitude to the instructor for her wonderful demonstration and teaching. I really like those side notes on top of the interface of R Studio where the teacher was showing the codes. There are several typos among those notes though. I was wondering there is another course on more advanced R programming. Really looking for that. Thanks!

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Posted on:

16 Mar 2022


Hi Christine,
thanks for reaching out and for the valuable feedback! We don't have any additional R programming tutorials, unless you count the Data Viz part of the course in R. However, since you've already completed the R programming course, I wouldn't say you'll find the R tutorials there particularly challenging. Most of our program is geared towards Python programming, as this seems to be very much the trend and what the industry demands in the last couple of years. So, for now we're not planning a more advanced R programming course, but if there is demand from students, we'll be happy to add it to the pipeline.
Please don't hesitate to write to us with any other suggestions or queries.

365 Eli

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