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20 Feb 2024

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15 Feb 2024


The video claims: we as humans have only managed to reach AI through ML. That's not entirely correct

Machine learning is vital to the current state of AI but it represents one tool and a subfield within the larger discipline. Artificial intelligence as a field existed long before the current emphasis on machine learning, so synergy with other subfields and approaches matters. Just few examples: 
- Symbolic AI: Also known as "Good Old-Fashioned AI" (GOFAI)
- Knowledge Representation 
- Search and Optimization (e.g. game trees)
- Expert Systems

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20 Feb 2024


Hey Graziano,

I agree with you, but also think that although acknowledging the contributions of various methodologies to the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is important, it is critical to recognize the unparalleled impact of Machine Learning, particularly deep learning, on today's AI state.

The advancements in computational power and data availability have allowed ML to advance so much, enabling breakthroughs that were once deemed impossible. Fields such as image and speech recognition, natural language processing, and autonomous systems have seen exponential progress primarily due to ML techniques.

While traditional AI methodologies laid the groundwork, the quantum leaps in AI capabilities in recent years are largely attributable to ML innovations. Thus, the argument isn't about diminishing the historical significance of other AI approaches but rather acknowledging the transformative and leading role ML plays in the current and future development of AI.



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